Château Bourdicotte

Technical sheet Bordeaux rose

Technical sheet 100 Sans Bordeaux

Technical sheet La Cabane des Amoureux Bordeaux Superieur

Technical sheet Terres Rouges Bordeaux Superieur

Technical sheet Bordeaux white

Technical sheet Bordeaux red

Appellation :AOC Bordeaux Supérieur/Bordeaux (Organic Agriculture certified in 2013)Grape Varieties :Merlot 83%, Cabernet Sauvignon 12%, Malbec 3%, Cabernet Franc 2%Annual production :400,000 bottles/yearWinemaking :

Traditional, stainless steel temperature controlled tanks.

Ageing :

12 to 18 months.

Tasting notes :

Deep red colour, fruity and floral bouquet with a hint of spices, displaying the characteristics of the soil surrounding the Château. The mouth is round, balanced and long lasting.

Concours :

Bordeaux white:


Bordeaux Red :

Vintage 2016 :


Vintage 2015 :


Cuvée 100% Sans :


Bordeaux Supérieur :

Cuvée Terres Rouges


Cuvée La Cabane des Amoureux