Château Bourdicotte

The Orchid Hill

The parcels of the château Bourdicotte lean against a hill which towers over the Entre Deux Mers.  The Museum of Natural History describes this hill as a calcite outcrop with over 15 species of orchids. These wild orchids need open spaces, where vegetation is short and sparse, in order to grow.  It is on this hill that wild orchids and vine plots of the château Bourdicotte coexist in harmony.  

Small Farm and Big Terroir

Boucotte means “small”, or “very small farm” in Gascon. The presence of orchids around the plots of our little farm confirms what we already know of our terroir: a rather unfertile horizon combining low yield and great quality.  The calcite outcrop drains rain water, all the while maintaining a slight humidity, even during great draughts.  This ensures the production of aromatic, sweet and colorful grapes, and subtle and balanced wines.

Château Bourdicotte