Exceptional hills

The wines of the hills have a distinctive place in all great French vineyards.  Be they de Beaune, de Provence or du Rhône, the hills were colonized early on by wine growers who produced better quality wines than those of the plains. 

It is therefore unsurprising if the world’s first AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) was born on the hills.  The vines there enjoy natural drainage and are exposed to the sun in a way that allows the production of concentrated, tannic, colorful and aromatic wines. 

Swept by wind, the air is healthier and requires less human intervention. 

In our estate, the hills are especially consecrated: they have the character of altitude wines and the noble elegance of their bordelaise tradition.  


An ideally situated vineyard

Situated on the limestone plateau of Saint-Emilion, the Côtes de Bordeaux benefit from their proximity to the Dordogne river.  These lands were described as producing the best wines by some of the great authors, such as Ausone and Emile Peynaud. 

The Chateau Rocher Bellevue produces distinguished, strong and elegant wines.  

The vines spread out on over 24 hectares in two villages: Saint Magne de Castillon and Saint Genès de Castillon.  The former’s soil composition is clay and limestone, the latter’s is clay and silt.  These very different terroirs create wines with unique characteristics.  The vines on the hills produce structured and strong wines, those at the foot of the hills produce fresh, supple and aromatic wines. 

Conscious of its activity’s impact on the environment, the estate has taken environmental measures, including a sustainable mode of production and the establishment of the ISO 14001 certification.   

Château Rocher Bellevue