Château Moulin à Vent

A Feminine Cru Bourgeois

The « Cru Bourgeois » distinction originated in the Middle Ages.  At the time, the Bourgeois of the bourg (village) of Bordeaux, acquired the best land of the region, called the “Crus des Bourgeois”, then “Crus Bourgeois”.  Today, this classification translates the nobility of terroirs and qualitative know-how, which have become a symbol of luxury.  Symbol that the Chateau Moulin à Vent represents in the Moulis AOC.

The management team is 100% feminine, making it unique in the Medoc region.  Reine is the technical manager, Florence the administrative manager, and Karine the oenologist, presiding over the Château Moulin à Vent’s destiny with maternal care.

A château at the heart of the AOC

The Chateau Moulin à Vent’s Cru Bourgeois represents its appellation perfectly.  Its legitimacy stems from the quality of the wines it produces, its name; later given to the village of “Moulis”, and its history: our estate’s vineyard is more than two centuries old, its Charterhouse dates back to the beginning of the 19th century and its storehouse was built in 1873. 

Our terroir is a concentration of the wine-growing Medoc: Garonne and Pyrenean gravel on top of a clay and limestone substratum, which allows a long and homogenous maturation of the Merlots and Cabernets Francs.  This display permits the strong and elegant to express themselves.

Château Moulin à Vent

The Crus Bourgeois classification relates a terroir aristocracy and an ancient expertiseThe château is currently converting to organic winegrowing and has committed itself to the application of the Environmental Management System.