The Company

BORDEAUX VINEAM, Major organic wine producer in Bordeaux

Bordeaux Vineam is the owner of 6 Châteaux, stretching over 270 Ha in the Aquitaine Region.  Five of these are situated in the Bordeaux region, and one in the Bergerac AOC.

Bordeaux Vineam is a winegrower conscious of the impact of its activity on its partners, the locals, the soil, natural resources and the environment. 

Since 1999, Bordeaux Vineam has been committed to ending its use of synthetic chemicals, herbicides and GMOs.  Bordeaux Vineam recycles used organic matter and applies biological control in the 210 Ha of the Entre-Deux-Mers and Bergerac AOC. 

As a Member of the Aquitaine Organic Winegrowers Union, Bordeaux Vineam believes that this means of production is respectful of the human and natural environment, that it enables the maintaining and the bettering of the structure and fertility of the soil, that it promotes biodiversity and contributes to air preservation and water quality.

This natural practice - ancestral and preceding the advent of chemical products - coupled with technological innovation, results in the production of wines which reflect their terroir and are identical to those drunk by our ancestors. 

In 2017, all of our Gironde estates obtained the HVE’s– Haute Valeur Environementale (High Environmental Value) highest certification: certified environmental management system AFAQ ISO 14001. 

Certain of its beliefs, Bordeaux Vineam is, today, a leader in organic winegrowing in the Aquitaine, both by its growing surface and by the quality of its wines, which have been multi-awarded for many years in all international winegrowing competitions.